Junior Inn #5 (cap. 2 people)

Cabañas Mucuambi invites you to know this cute cabin for lovers and feel at the top of the pleasure. Live honeymoon times as you want in our Junior cabin #5.

For 2 people with double bed and a mosquito net colonial to increase the warmth and romance of the cabin, a (1) nightstand with lamp, electric heating, craft wrought iron full body mirror, modern kitchen, kitchen electric 4 burner, utensils for cooking, desayunadero, refrigerator, TV LED full HD 32 "with DIRECTV, private bathroom, hot water.

The most striking of this cabin is its colonial architecture, ceilings with dog-eared frieze, embedded in the wall and frieze dog-eared teak logs, caico floors, a mosquito net manufactured into fabric Swiss dopiovelo which gives it a warmth and spectacular romanticism, built-in kitchen, all combined with a modern decoration with minimalist trend, giving the guests a touch of warmth and charm.

The Mucuambi cabins have private parking and parking annex.

Each bed has 3 blankets plateaus with orthopedic mattress, clean white sheets, and bed covers.

Also cabins Mucuambi provides:

  • A large towel per person;
  • A hand towel;
  • A SOAP body per person;
  • A white toilet paper for bathroom;
  • 100% pure handmade Andean coffee and sugar so that our guests at any time of the day to enjoy a delicious coffee;
  • Salt; 
  • Oil;
  • Dishwasher SOAP; and
  • Toallines of cleaning.


Mapa Turístico de la Zona

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