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For your convenience, before traveling, PRINT THE MAP TO GET TO MUCUAMBI INNS

  • PATH:

The path to reach MUCUAMBI INNS is suitable for any type of vehicle.

  • HAVE A GREAT TRIP! Don't forget to "bring a smile and a great desire to have fun", it doesn't take up space, or weigh anything.

    Páramo de Apartadores, San Isidro, Las Cabanas sector, 50 meters after the El Refugio Mifafí Restaurant, Merida – Venezuela. Right next to the El Refugio Mifafí Restaurant at the top you will find a small street, go there and after 50 metres there is a fork in the road, turn right and a few meters is Mucuambi Inns "Your place of rest at 3,500 meters high"

Only when booking or reaching Mucuambi Inns contact: Mrs Natividad de Diaz at +584169989424 (Please note the number on your cell phone)

GPS COORDINATES: N 08° 47. 928´ W 070° 51. 223´


3.500 m.s.n.m. Located among the 10 Inns Venezuela higher.


Although we would love to meet your beautiful pets unfortunately we can not receive them. Please take necessary before visiting us forecasts.

Andean ecotourism

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Andean ecotourism

Usually when we go on vacation, we seek to stay in luxury hotels or resorts that provide us with recreational spaces so that we can have everything in one place without leaving their facilities and when we decide to leave, we do so to shopping malls, discos or cinemas.

In short, we leave one confinement for another. In Mérida you can not only enjoy spectacular small inns or cozy and above all comfortable cabins, excellent theme parks, but we can also achieve a splendid ecological tourism that will not only open your perspectives on another way of doing tourism, but it will also reduce costs in your travel budget.

Eco-tourism presupposes, and manifests itself, in responsibility and respect by the traveller for the environment that surrounds him, which leads to consistent and necessary conservation of the resource. As such, ecotourists should always ensure that the environmental impact generated by their visit is minimal.

Ecotourism is an option to enter in contact with nature. In those places you'll find flora and wildlife, and everything that exists around it.

It is more than a journey of adventure, ecotourism trips seek to minimize the impact of their visit on the environment.

During these trips we invite you to participate in the local communities that are found in the destinations you visit, to get to know and to keep these places alive.

As well as exploring corners full of beauty and natural diversity, come into contact with the culture of your country. Plan, explore and investigate the options you have for doing this incredible trip, choose your destination and the activities that you are interested in performing.

We must not forget that these outdoor destinations help us exercise our body, as well as learn and see new things.

Live a different, natural and fun experience.

Eco-tourism is an different alternative of doing tourism. It privileges the preservation and appreciation of the environment. In addition, travelers are made to take care of the beauty of nature.

Here are 10 tips for ecotourism so you can put it in motion:

1. Before travelling, learn as much as possible about your destination. This will help your trip to be more enjoyable and that you can make informed decisions about what you do and buy.

2. In each small action that we do, we leave our footprint on the planet. Taking care of every detail can make a difference. If you are conscious of not wasting resources like energy and water in your daily routine, when you travel you will surely continue with this good behavior. You only have to add a little planning trying to give priority to lodgings that are more eco-friendly and also less polluting vehicles when there's no other option than to go across great distances. If you also opt for ecotourism destinations which are managed by locals, you'll be closer to being the model ecotourist.

3. Do eco-tourism in Merida fells, specifically in the Cordillera de Los Andes, between the national parks of La Culata and the Sierra Nevada, which facilitate enjoyment and direct contact with nature. Given its mountainous character, their cultural heritage, the type of climate and its great biodiversity, the paramo ecoregion lends itself, in a special way, for adventure tourism, agri-tourism and active tourism.

4. Do ecological walks along the Mucubaji lagoon and Laguna Negra, it's an interesting, healthy and environmentally friendly option.

5. Choose your food wisely when you're on vacation. Whenever possible, buy food in the area that is in season. Remember that our cabins have modern built-in kitchens, cooking utensils and fridges.

6. For Mountain Bike lovers, you can come with your bikes and do sporting sightseeing, walking through many splendid places, full of colors and imposing mountains.

7. In the city of Merida, you can rent bicycles and travel through parts of the city in this ecological and so beneficial to health means of transport, there are different sites where you can rent them and you can even have guided tours to spectacular sites in Merida.

8. Never buy souvenirs made from endangered species. This includes turtles, coral reefs, among many others.

9. If you do a tour to learn about wildlife, choose a reputable guide and do not bother the animals, for your sake and theirs.

10. Expand your circle of friends. Become a member of the organizations that preserve the environment.

Cabañas Mucuambi "your place of rest at 3,500 meters high"

Crossing the Musui hot springs

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Musui WEB hot springsCabañas Mucuambi invites you to enjoy a warm and relaxing bath in the middle of Merida cold, in the splendid mountains of the Moor. Once installed on the site where the cars are left to make a hike of about an hour, with a small stretch of steep initial climb, you Let's we begin to enjoy the wonderful view of the Merida Valley and the Andes.

Then will enjoy three beautiful waterfalls, a very hot, one warm and another cooler, when they together leaving the well water at a temperature that is ideal for family. It is a ride that you should not do.

Mapa Turístico de la Zona

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