Big Inn #2 (Cap. 4 people)

Sleeps 4 in two environments. First environment: Private room with modern double bed and 2 nightstands with lamps, mirror craft full body in wrought iron, electric heating, TV with DIRECTV, and spacious closet. Second environment: Has 2 single beds, table, electric heating, manufactured wrought iron coat rack, TV 32 '' LED full HD with DIRECTV, modern fitted kitchen, cooker 4 burners, utensils for cooking, dining room, refrigerator, private bathroom, hot water.

The most striking feature is its colonial architecture, ceilings with logs of teak and bamboo, with beautiful details in aged bricks mixed with a floor interlacing Colombian rustic clapboard, rustic bathroom with colonial pieces of mosaic and hand made by craftsmen Merida in Andean stoneware art sinks, all combined with a modern decoration with minimalist trend, giving the guests a touch of warmth and charm.


The Mucuambi cabins have private parking and parking annex.


Each bed has 3 blankets plateaus with orthopedic mattress, clean white sheets, and bed covers.

Also cabins Mucuambi provides:

  • A large towel per person;
  • A hand towel;
  • A SOAP body per person;
  • A white toilet paper for bathroom;
  • 100% pure handmade Andean coffee and sugar so that our guests at any time of the day to enjoy a delicious coffee;
  • Salt; 
  • Oil;
  • Dishwasher SOAP; and
  • Cleaning Toallines


Mapa Turístico de la Zona

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