Taxi and tour guide service

Access to cabins Mucuambi public transport:

If you come to the cabins Mucuambi in public transport, it is very easy to reach from Mérida, Barinas or Valera. If you come by Barinas or Valera, at the terminal of passengers from any of these cities, you take a bus to Merida, coordinates with the driver so that when you come to sidings, leave them in the restored El Refugio Mifafí, once there, looking from the front to the restaurant on the right there is a small street, climbing 50 meters and you are one and , you grab on the right and a few meters you reach cabins Mucuambi "your place of rest to 3,500 meters high". If you come by Merida, you take a minibus to sidings, Barinas or Valera and make the same procedure described above.

It is important to remind them that if they come from Central, East or the plains of the country, catch transport to Barinas (if there is destiny), is much more comfortable and short trip. The distance in time of Mérida and Barinas to the cabins, is almost 2 hours by public transport.





Service TAXI and tour guide:



Mr. Víctor Díaz (skilled person in the area) is the husband of Ms. Natividad, who is in charge of the cabins, is taxi driver and tour guide, highly trusted person, they can coordinate with the transfers to the various tourist sites in the area or simply looking for them to airport and passenger terminal of Barinas or Valera, always with affordable prices. There is also public transportation of rural route, which can be used, with units in very good condition.


Taxi 4 posts and BUS ENCAVA 25 positions for large groups.





Mapa Turístico de la Zona

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