Mucuambi Inns

The Mucuambi Inns were designed by the architects Alberto Ogly and Jorge Maninat (Bioarke Construcciones) and decorated by Kisy Naveda (Planeta Baby), with its splendid location, it has 5 cabins with great views, with a sober colonial architecture. We also offer the beautiful and spectacular Mucuambi Stay, a luxurious country house with 450 square meters of construction. Guests can enjoy an unforgettable stay in a nice, elegant and typical Andean environment.

Interesting rustic cabins combining colonial architecture with modern touches, achieving very interesting eclectic interiors.

The cabins combine a flat interwoven Colombian clapboard, with bricks also aged Colombians, logs of teak color wenge and bamboo or dog-eared frieze ceilings, bathrooms with rustic boards with a great touch of elegance itself, gratings in wrought iron and a modern decoration with minimalist trend, being the predominant colours are captivating ochre, brick, wenge and white the rest is the contrast with the blue of the sky and the Green exterior.

Paths and walkways of the cabins are surrounded with zen gardens, where the division of spaces prevail, with typical vegetation of the Merida Moors, granite stones and logs of teak embedded in the Earth.

Mucuambi Inns are located in a privileged enclave in the old Royal Road of the Spaniards (road used by the liberator Simon Bolivar in 1813 when coming from Colombia he crossed triumphantly during the Admirable Campaign), allowing guests to reach the tourist sites and monuments in just a few minutes, near the starting point of the majority of tourist routes in Merida Páramo being at:

  • 100 meters from the La Loca Luz Caraballo monument
  • 300 meters from the House of a Hundred Ceilings;
  • 5 minutes from the Mucubají Lagoon-Laguna Negra;
  • 7 minutes from the Mifafí Valley – Nido del Cóndor;
  • 15 minutes from the Observatory Astronomical national Llano del Hato;
  • 7 minutes from San Rafael de Mucuchíes where is located the famous chapel was built by the architect of the Juan Félix Sánchez Moor;
  • 20 minutes from the beak of the Eagle or Condor Hill;
  • 35 minutes from Chachopo;
  • 45 minutes from Timotes;
  • 20 minutes of the village of Santo Domingo;
  • 30 minutes from Las Piedras and peoples Pueblo Llano;
  • 15 minutes of Mucuchíes.
  • 50 minutes from Gavidia;
  • 30 minutes from the thermal waters of the Musui;
  • 50 minutes from the beautiful Valley Park;
  • One hour from the eaves theme park;
  • 1 hour and 20 minutes of Altamira de Caceres (practice of extreme sport);
  • 1 hour and 20 minutes from the city of Mérida;
  • 2 hours of the Virgen de La Paz in the State of Trujillo;
  • 2 hours of Barinas.

The cabins have a beautiful view towards all the people of sidings, the Sierra and the Observatorio Nacional Llano del Hato, four domes can be seen on the mountain, being that in the evening is the most spectacular view of the area.

Mapa Turístico de la Zona

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